Thursday, November 19, 2009

That Girl Still Blogs?

Yes I do still blog, well sorta, at least tonight. Its been crazy, so here is a quick recap of what we've been up to...

June 2009 - Debt Free (except the house). "WE'RE DEBT FREE" (cue braveheart music)
- Bought mountain bikes as our got out of debt presents for each other

(please ignore the closed eyes & ghetto booty...hence the purchase of the bikes)

- My friend Erin Pabst & I audition for "My Fair Lady" at our local community theater & get cast as dancers....yes dancers :)
- Mountain bikes were stolen from our garage (not the first time a "bike" was stolen from the garage - fortunately the second time the bikes were less valuable :)

July 2009- We grow tired of being stolen from, the commute, and want to decrease the debt owed on the house
- Mom, Dad, Travis, Reba, and Zion visit

August 2009 - Decide to sell our house & put it on the market
- Erin purchases "Natalia" (no she's not a male order Russian bride)

- Jordan visits & we drive to Pittsburgh to see Trav, Reba, and Zion's new house.

September 2009
- 6 sold-out performances (total tickets sold 2400) later, I have made wonderful friends through My Fair Lady

October 2009
- Closed on the sale of our beloved first home.
-Move in temporarily with Rick and Kelly.
- Now 100% debt free and hoping to stay that way (or at least close to it) as we look for a new home in Franklin!!

November 2009 - Got my acceptance letter to Nursing School! Yay! (Pray my boss will be flexible with my schedule so that I can continue to work through this first semester.)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Anniversary Weekend in Chattanooga

Last month we went to Chattanooga to celebrate our 2nd anniversary. We both have always enjoyed the city. This time was no different, we had a great time and both decided that we could easily live in Chattanooga. We visited the Aquarium, the civil war battle on lookout mountain, Riverbend, Lupi's Pizza (of course!), and then floated down the river.

Goofin' off in the IMax at the Aquarium

Some of the cool creatures at the Aquarium

Lookout Point - aren't we cute :)

Sunday, May 03, 2009


See 3 blog posts below to find out whats been going on around here.

Logan Marshall Dickson

I got to meet my "nephew" this weekend. Friday around noon, my best friend, Brittany, gave birth to Logan Marshall Dickson. He is 6 lbs 7 oz and 19 inches long. He is so sweet, cute, and healthy. I already love him so much. He had to put up with being held by Aunt Bethany, Aunt Jennie and Aunt Jessica all day Friday and and Saturday. Welcome to the world!!

Surgical Masks in waiting rooms are fun. By the way, the nurses were glad to see us go :)

Jason Mraz and Dave Matthews Band

Need I Say More???? No, but I will :)

The Gals:

Trying to blow out the smoke from the girl in front of us:

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves:

Jessica and Jennie were excited about Jason Mraz:

Awesome Concert:

So pumped to be here (this is after using the restroom):

This was before Jessica used the restroom :) Hahaha. I don't know what I'm doing?

The concert was unbelievable. I have heard DMB tons of times but this was the best they've ever sounded. Tim Reynolds was there and Carter Beauford was AMAZING!

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Lots of stuff going on since I last posted:


Lunch with Sunday School Friends:

Friends having Birthdays:

More Swine Flu jokes and surgical masks:

Baby Showers and Diaper Cakes:

Time with good friends:

Manicures and Pedicures:


The view from Britt's parents house. (Thank you Lord for protecting Hayden):


Did you hear? According to Spector America has moved far to the right since Reagan. Yeah...thats about as true as CNN being unbiased and me hating sweets :)

Good Riddance Spector

Friday, March 13, 2009

2 Years Later

Our friends Rick and Kelly gave us videography and graphic design services as part of our wedding gifts. The invites and programs and thank you notes, etc were custom made to fit my eclectic style and I loved them. They began work on the video along with all their other paying projects, but, then Kelly went off and got pregnant :) She worked right up until Owen was born to finish all their actual clients, but I told her not to worry about my video until Owen was born and settled in. They just opened the business back up and are working on E and I's wedding video furiously. They joke that they want it to be our 2 year anniversary present. Here are two of the parts they have finished. You can check out more of their work at (including my invites). I would recommend them HIGHLY to anyone getting married

We are so appreciative of all they have done for us. They are 2 of the most talented people I know.

Our video will include:

  • A picture/video montage of us as individuals and then as a couple

  • An interview with Erin and I -filmed pre-wedding day

  • Rehearsal and Dinner

  • Getting Ready

  • Complete Ceremony

  • After Ceremony Vignette

  • Interview with Guests

  • Reception

This is the "Getting Ready" part of our wedding day. I love the old-timey film effects that Rick added. I also love how my Dad asked me: "Are you ready?" right as we were walking down the if it wasn't too late to bolt ;)

This is short video catches a glimpse of some of the "After Ceremony" highlights. Ringing the bell was fun. My fave parts: 1.) me chomping my gum the whole time, 2.) E not know what to do with the train of my dress outside 3.) My brothers Shawn, Travis, and Jordan goofing off and messing up my hair during pictures.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

My Friend GiGi

In my quest to lose about 15 lbs by June, I found an old friend that is not helping. Her name is Gigi. Gigi and I became good friends when I worked downtown and still had a sky-rocketing metabolism. There is now one in Cool Springs.

Jamie, Ashley, and I split these at work yesterday. I hadn't realized how much I really missed my friend Gigi. ( But, my thighs hadn't missed her at all.

Southern Comfort - My FAVORITE!!!

Pecan Cupcake with Pecan pie with a star dollop of caramel frosting.


Ginger bread cake with cream cheese frosting & a Ginger bread cookie.

Boston Cream

Yellow cake with vanilla filling dipped in Chocolate Ganache.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Long Time No Blog

Sorry I've been too busy for words. Short summary since last blog:

Replaced this:

With this: (Thanks centsiblesawyer for the $500 Walmart GC)

Celebrated E and I's birthdays:

His Birthday (Maggiano's and the Symphony):

My Birthday (Park Cafe):

Got these for my b'day from the Hubbs:

Bought These From Marti & Liz: (unbelievable deals on 'em)

Started school and dissected this:

Left old job where paychecks didn't cash and started old-old job again where I get to re-work with these awesome people.

Spent some time with these people and more:

Thats All!