Friday, February 26, 2010

Hubs from Heaven

Erin and I like to play a little game called the "Who Married Up Game". Don't worry we've never played it about you :) Erin and I often disagree on who married up when playing this game because we value different characteristics in people but it is no secret and there is no discussion that I married up, WAY up!!

Can I just tell you how much I love my husband? No? Well its my blog so I'm gonna tell you anyway :) Just a few reasons I love my hubbs.....

1) He leads by example more than words. Erin knows the Bible and is a dedicated studier of it. He actively pursues a relationship with the Lord and I see it and follow his lead. He never asks me to sacrifice something with out equally sacrificing first.

2) He works hard for our family. E is a provider through and through. He wants to provide me with my needs and often gives me a bunch of my wants. He is also willing to work hard for our goals. He does what it takes.

3) He watches Cheaters with me late at night and we laugh. (side note: cheating is not funny, its wrong. But Cheaters the T.V. show, on the other hand, is a riot. Joey Greco uses more polysyllabic words than a dissertation)

4) He has a super long fuse.

5) He works hard to communicate with me in a way I'll understand. E isn't a big talker but he knows that I am. So, he works hard to communicate with me in that way. If he is upset about something, he calmly tells me. I love this because sometimes I don't realize I've done something wrong until he tells me...then we can take care of it.

6) He intelligent and thinks I'm smart too. and treats me like an equal. We like to have intellectual conversations and this is very validating to me.

7)See picture. Need I say more? :)

8)He is an amazing musician. My mom loves this about him too :)

9) He loves my family and makes an effort to know them.

10) He can make me laugh all day long. We have so much fun together which is what keeps our marriage fresh. I'm constantly laughing at his antics.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tearfully Good Day

Today has been a good day. So good it made me WANT to cry (I didn't), more than once.

Reason #1: house stuff. Still can't tell you. But after I put my pen to paper on Sat, we should be able to speak it.

Reason #2:
I LOVE these clothes. They are perfectly my style. The spring collection 2009 describes my style PERFECTLY! And the Fall 2008 collection is amazing. (sigh.)

I wonder if I could find these pieces from Spring 09 on Ebay or something?

P.S. I'm going to try and change up the look of my blog when I have some spare time. But in the 15 minute alotment of time I allowed myself to blog, I just didn't have the time to get it quite right :) Excuse the mess.....

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Looking Forward...Way Forward

I'm creating this list to keep me motivated. I need a little encouragement to continue working full time, going to school full time, preparing to move into our new house, etc. These are the things that I will enjoy in mid-May once school and sleepless nights are over: YAY

1) spending QUALITY time with my husband... NOT both of us sitting in the office, not speaking, only working/studying

2) being skinny and tan... NOT holed up in a room eating popcorn constantly to stay awake

3) riding the motorcyle

4) having my own home!!

5) sleeping

6) getting a beefalo w/ Hale and Andi and finishing our conversion to organic, whole foods (once we're in our own place again)

7) going on a cruise

8) being able to say "Yes" to coffee with friends

9) going to the pool on the mornings/afternoons I don't work

10) planting a garden

11) crafting and sewing to my hearts desire

12) running sprints in the evenings

13) cycling

14) seeing family

15) hiking/camping

16) playing piano (cause we're getting one as soon as we move....double Yay!!)

17) eating my fave summer foods/desserts like fresh strawberry pie, fruit pizza, limeades, baja style tacos, meats on the grill, fresh fruit smoothies, Sweet CeCe's yogurt (yuck in the cold winter...awesome in the hot summer!).

18) getting a doggie

19) not driving to M'boro

20) Decorating the house

On another note, we may have some positive changes coming regarding our house. I can't say anything yet but I'll keep you posted. Back to studying!!

Sunday, February 07, 2010

90 days and we're HOME!!

We signed a contract on a home-build yesterday! Woohoo!!!! We are very excited to have finally found something that both of us feel is a good fit for our lifestyle and financially conservative as well. Here is a drawing of what our cute little house will look like.

We really feel like we got a great deal on this house. It is in alignment with our financial goals in purchasing a house and it has basically all the things we wanted. It is about 2000 square feet which is plenty big for us and will allow us to grow a little bit into it. It is located in Brentwood, TN (official address is Brentwood but its close to Cane Ridge) and is 25 minutes from M'boro for school, 25 minutes from downtown for E's work, and 15 minutes from Cool Springs for church and my work. Perfect!! It will be ready to move 90-100 days after breaking ground which will hopefully happen this week or next, weather permitting.

We never thought that we would get such a great deal, especially on a new home build, but we found a builder who is doing this for less than $100/sq. foot! Crazy! Also, the selling agent is giving us and our realtor, Samuel, a "certificate for a cruise" once we close on the house, whatever a "certificate" will get you :) Yay...I hear the sound of the Caribbean waves already!

Rick and Kelly (and Owen) have been so gracious to let us live with them this long. We really appreciate their friendship and generosity. However, I think they and we will be ready to get back to life with everyone having their own house :) But, if I had to choose any couple in the world to live with, it would be them. They've been awesome.

Side Note: This is Max, Rick and Kelly's boxer. Max likes me.... a lot. He likes to pee on all my stuff to mark his territory. I don't like this. I'll miss him (he's sweet)... but I won't miss his pee...

Monday, February 01, 2010

My thoughts on nursing.

Some of you may have seen a recent twitter in which I observed that "most of my nursing professors are overweight". I was surprised to find that several people were offended by my statement. If this is true, please forgive me. I, in no way, was trying to demean people who have extra weight on them or implying that my teachers were lazy....etc. Following is my thought process (yes I'm writing in class :) Also, just let me say that the teachers to which I'm referring do not have just a few extra pounds on them. They are obese - the size of people they warn us about with severe, deadly health conditions.

1) I found it interesting and it piqued my curiousity. I initially wondered why they chose their profession. How could they teach us about health and nutrition? Why would they harp on not smoking but not as much on healthy eating habits - just as much of a killer. Did the information they shared with us on obesity not scare them to death?

2) Then I felt convicted. I struggled with an eating disorder for a long time. I was way too skinny. My problems were similar. I replaced God in my life with the obsession of food. I understand where they are right now. When I was warned about the bodily damages that would occur through lack of eating, I didn't care... all I cared about was that I was a supernatural person who could live on no food and get crazy skinny (sick I know!) Healthy doesn't mean super-skinny either.

3) So, my point in my initial observation is this: Think about your profession, what you do. Do you really believe what you're saying or is it just a regurgitation? If you can't have integrity in your work (where you spend the majority of your day) then where will you? Christ demands this...even when its hard. Do you trust pastor's who preach the Bible but then have affairs or lie or cheat or cuss? How about a financial adviser who is in debt/bankrupt? Of course not!

My new goal as a nursing student/future nurse: To radiate health and maintain wellness so that I can be an example of encouragement for people facing health problems.