Thursday, May 10, 2007

Shower, after Shower, after Shower

I've had lots of showers lately. It has been so much fun. I have such great friends and family. Thank you, everyone, for all that you have done to help E and I prepare for the wedding and for your generosity up to now. We love you.

Shower thrown by Andrea Metcalf:

Cheesy Games :)

The Decor

Brittany and I accidentally wore the same skirt :o

Shower held by Lisa Jones and Caroline DeLoache:

The Gals - Lisa, Caro, and Me

Shower held by Brittany Dickson, Shari Smedley, bridesmaids:

The Spread and Hot Pink Wedding Cake

I like cookbooks

Sniffing my new rug...not sure why :)

My Awesome Friends!

Lingerie Shower/Get together thrown by Brittany Dickson and Lindsey Tapper:

Erin Pabst, Brittany Dickson, Lindsey Tapper, and ME!

One..Two...Three...Pageant Pose!