Thursday, January 31, 2008

LOST is back!!!

Tonight was one of the most exciting nights in a long time. That is right folks; LOST is back!!! If you have never watched the show LOST, you need to go to Blockbuster and rent the 1st three seasons, lock yourself in your house until you've watched them, and then start watching this season. It is definitely the best show on TV.

To celebrate the occasion, we had a LOST get-together. The Metcalfs and the Pabsts came over and we watched the season premiere. It was awesome. I just know this season is going to be good. I have some theories but I won't bore you with them now.

Here are some pictures from our LOST themed get-together:

The Spread

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Game Night

The roommates: Jessica, Bethany, Erin

Jess is in town, so of course all the girls got together. Jessica is staying in "her bedroom" here at our house but we all got together this time at Brittany and Scott's house. Erin and Scott wanted to watch some game that was on and the girls wanted to play games. So, we all headed over there, cooked dinner and played Scattergories and Scrabble. I scored a controversial win with the 2 letter word "si". Being the Scrabble champion that I am, I know that the 2 letter words are important. Si is part of the melodic scale, a substitute for "ti". Its in the scrabble dictionary, look it up. The girls weren't too happy. But, we had a great time as always. Brittany is definitely the most creative speller...she provides the fun, the rest of us provide the vocab :)

Serious about Games

Saturday, January 12, 2008


In yet another home improvement project, Erin installed an over-the-stove microwave for me today! I love it. Now we can get the microwave off of the cart and put the toaster oven there so that it is off of the counter. I was definitely needing more counter space. Yay! I love having a handy husband :)

Monday, January 07, 2008

A Quick Hi!

Just wanted to say hello to you all who are wanting an update. It has been busy since the new year began. Erin and I enjoyed a great new year, came back home, and got right back into the grind. We may sound old and boring but the highlight of the new year so far is the fact that we had Stanley Steemer come and clean our carpets and they are so pretty and clean. We are excited.

I also emceed a pageant this past weekend. Erin (mine) and our friends Nate and Erin came to watch. I think they were entertained although peeved that they had to miss the first playoff game of the season. It was so fun to get back into the pageant scene...especially through Joe's pageant. I got to see some old friends and wear some gorgeous gowns from Stevens (J.S. Fields and Co). Plus the 2 girls who were crowned are wonderful. Congrats Amy and Rebekah!

Erin Pabst and I are also helping each other with New Year's Resolutions. I have decided to re-join choir at church and Erin decided to join a gym. So, we are working out together and she's making sure I actually show up for choir. Its great because we are neighbors now and we can carpool. We were proud of ourselves yesterday because we even jogged three miles on our off-day at Brentwood high waiting for choir practice to about dedication!