Wednesday, October 31, 2007


For Halloween I wanted to give you the moon!


We had such a great time this halloween passing out candy to the kids. Erin was a Sensai Tai Kwon Do Judo Chop Dojo Master (can you tell I made that name up? I think that is the technical term). He wore his Gi and had several people ask him if it was an authentic black belt... which he was truthfully able to say it was real. I was a tired old beauty queen. And my crown is real too

We'll post pics later. :)

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Proposal Anniversary

Anniversaries are dangerous. Everyday is an anniversary of some sort. If you're not careful you'll have too many anniversaries to celebrate. But, this one was an important one... Erin proposed one year ago today! We've been married almost 6 months and I love Erin more each day. I'm so glad that he wanted me to be his wife and that he took me to Leiper's Fork that day. Yay us!!! May we have many more years of anniversaries.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

So You Think You Can Dance

Lots happened today. First, Erin left for Charleston on business today. :( I don't like it when he is gone. But, tonight I got to do what I've been looking forward to for months. I went to the "So You Think You Can Dance Tour" with my friends Tanya and Kim. It was such a fun night. We had dinner first and then headed downtown to the Sommett Center for the show. I watched this show all season...I mean I didn't miss a single episode. We bought the cheapest seats for the tour and I figured we would need binoculars for it. But, when we got there our seats could not have been more perfect!! They were literally the best seats in the house! They were just above the floor level seats which ended up being perfect because we were stage level and were looking straight on at the dancers. So, perfect! My absolute favorite dancer was Danny. I've never seen anyone like it. Every technically trained dancer I know has said that he is one of the best dancers they've ever seen. But, I liked some of the other too, of course. Here are some of the dances we got to see.

Skip ahead to his dance...its worth it!

This dance was about a flower and hummingbird.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Shari is in town

Shari came into town again for another interview. She interviewed with Coke today. We didn't really do anything too exciting. But, you know you are good friends when you can sit around, watch TV, eat, and call it a good time! She is leaving tomorrow but I'm glad she got to be here for a few days. Erin especially likes it when she is here because she is a good cook!

Zion's Birthday

Zion's birthday was today. She is one year old! Erin and I absolutely love Zion because she is our only niece, plus her birthday was the same week that Erin proposed. So, we had an eventful week. We got her a remote control car specially made for 1-yr olds. Here is her saying thank you!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Business Trips on the Beach

Erin had a business trip to Pensacola Beach this week. So, I took two days off work and went along. It was beautiful weather.

Erin had Thursday as a travel day but we decided instead to leave Nashville Wednesday right after work. We then had all day Thursday to spend at the beach. It was wonderful! We actually think that Pensacola has a prettier beach than Jamaica.

Erin worked Friday and Saturday while I had some beach time.

It is currently Sunday and we are watching the Titans game and then heading back home.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Money Money Money

Erin and I heard today from Mama McAtee that our Garage Sale grossed somewhere between $450 and $500!!!! Woo hoo! I must admit that I was a doubter. At the beginning I would have much rather thrown the stuff away because I didn't think it was worth the hassle. But, I have changed my mind. This will go straight towards our "Get out of debt plan." E and I are so excited. So far, we have paid off my car, two of my student loans, as well as a few miscellaneous debts; and we've only been doing this for three months! Next month we pay of his truck. It is amazing how much you can do when you just cut back your spending. We don't go out to eat anymore, but I'm becoming a much better cook because of it. We don't spend much money going to the movies anymore but we've gotten more creative with what we do for fun. So, this whole Dave Ramsey plan is actually helping us as a couple as well. Plus, it is a goal that we get to achieve together. It is great fun! (well its usually fun... but I would really LOVE to go get a pedicure :)


Saturday, October 06, 2007

The Go-To Dog Sitter

Somehow I have become the dog-sitter amongst my friends. I think it is because Erin travels a lot and I like the company. This week I am keeping Charlotte while Sarah is out of town. Charlotte is Sarah's yorkie and she is adorable. Sarah doesn't know it yet but I am keeping her permanently. She is so sweet, happy, and snuggly. She even worked out with me. When I was exercising she was right there beside me running, doing jumping jacks, jumping on me when I did crunches. Sarah has obviously taught her that exercise is an important part of being healthy.

She is so tiny!

Sweet Face

Unfortunately, Bootsie the cat hates all dogs...including sweet ones like Charlotte. We have to keep them separate.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The Best Husband

My hubby is incredible. He went to buy himself some new shoes this week (his were stolen...see previous post). He also brought home a pair of shoes for me. How sweet. He knows 2 things: I needed a pair of ultra casual brown shoes for work and one of my love languages is gift giving. He gave me the shoes above except in dark brown. It was a very good surprise.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Crazy Funny Busy Exausting Sickening Weekend

Wow... What a weekend!!! It's Monday and I am exhausted. These are the highlights:

Phlegm and More Phlegm
I got the first bout of my fall-spring bronchitis marathon mid way through the week. To make matters worst, I lost my voice. What do I do for a living? Oh yeah.. I'm a trainer and have classes every day. Yeah that was interesting. Fortunately, I was able to take Thursday afternoon and Friday off to try and recover.

Garage Sale Stuff Gone
Erin and I have been planning to have a garage sale for months. But, unfortunately we just haven't found the time to do it. So, Mama McAtee volunteered to hold it for us if we would meet them halfway with the stuff. Erin and I worked ourselves silly to get everything priced and boxed up. We then drove to Sikeston, MO on Friday afternoon and met his parents for a yummy dinner at Lamberts...yum! Thanks Mama and Papa McAtee!

Friends in Town
Lindsey "Tapper" Pruitt came into town this weekend. Her husband, Zack, was asked to judge a pageant this weekend and Lindsey joined him in Nashville. So, on Saturday morning, Brittany, Lindsey, and I met for a day of fun. I can tell you that we ate, talked, and shopped. I cannot tell you what we ate (it was a caloric day), who and what we talked about, or where we shopped (hehehehehehehe). I will tell you that we had a BLAST!!!...except for the point when when they didn't have the cute red and brown tweed shoes in Lindsey's size, or the point where I remembered I was on the Dave Ramsey plan and couldn't buy the shoes in SHII, or when Brittany got everyone in Off Broadway to look for a pair of shoes that matched Lindsey's new dress. But other than that..... :)

Shoes and Logans
Everytime Brittany and I go out, Erin and Scott play golf. Its just the way it works. And, there is usually some sort of drama that accompanies one or more of us during the day. This time, the drama fell to Erin. First of all, it took them forever to finish their round of golf...slow pokes in front of them. Then, Erin returned to his truck to find that his shoes had been stolen out of the back. We all went out to dinner afterwards and Erin had to wear his golf shoes to dinner. Click Clack Click Clack against the floor. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I found it hilarious. Erin did not. As I have said many times, bad luck accompanies me and anyone who knows me. Erin got off lucky only having his shoes stolen. Besides, it is hilarious that somebody stole gross size 10 tennis shoes. Who does that?