Thursday, November 19, 2009

That Girl Still Blogs?

Yes I do still blog, well sorta, at least tonight. Its been crazy, so here is a quick recap of what we've been up to...

June 2009 - Debt Free (except the house). "WE'RE DEBT FREE" (cue braveheart music)
- Bought mountain bikes as our got out of debt presents for each other

(please ignore the closed eyes & ghetto booty...hence the purchase of the bikes)

- My friend Erin Pabst & I audition for "My Fair Lady" at our local community theater & get cast as dancers....yes dancers :)
- Mountain bikes were stolen from our garage (not the first time a "bike" was stolen from the garage - fortunately the second time the bikes were less valuable :)

July 2009- We grow tired of being stolen from, the commute, and want to decrease the debt owed on the house
- Mom, Dad, Travis, Reba, and Zion visit

August 2009 - Decide to sell our house & put it on the market
- Erin purchases "Natalia" (no she's not a male order Russian bride)

- Jordan visits & we drive to Pittsburgh to see Trav, Reba, and Zion's new house.

September 2009
- 6 sold-out performances (total tickets sold 2400) later, I have made wonderful friends through My Fair Lady

October 2009
- Closed on the sale of our beloved first home.
-Move in temporarily with Rick and Kelly.
- Now 100% debt free and hoping to stay that way (or at least close to it) as we look for a new home in Franklin!!

November 2009 - Got my acceptance letter to Nursing School! Yay! (Pray my boss will be flexible with my schedule so that I can continue to work through this first semester.)


Grandma S said...

Loved the pictures of My Fair Lady - you haven't aged since high school!

Katie@KeepinUpwiththeJones said...

I was wondering when you were going to start blogging again.. Guess what? We are moving too! Want to buy a townhome? :) See you Sunday.

Travis Schenk said...

Like, OMG! It's a new post!

I will tell Reba not to critique you on your lack of point in that leg kick you were doing in the musical.

Thanks for the update! Congrats on the progress!

Anonymous said...

Randomly came across your blog.
WOW!! Congratulations on being debt free!

CB said...

Hey! I just found you randomly and i love your new house! Sorry to hear about your bikes getting stolen but your new house looks fab!! I will have to show my hubby your blog since he loves motorcycles. Hope to read more blogs from you soon!

Christina said...

Awesome! Congrats to everything, nursing school, debt-FREE!!