Friday, April 09, 2010

Good Gene's

Nothing new in my life other than the fact that I'm overwhelmed with finals and work and technically don't have the time to spare to be writing this post. Whatever.

Because my last post was about fake children, I thought I should follow it up with a post about REAL children. I think that my brothers' offspring are really really cute, so I have hope that my future children will be too. I think we must have pretty good genes. Unless of course ALL of the cuteness comes from my SILs...possible. :) I have the cutest nieces and nephews of all time. That's right, I said it. Please don't hate me but I do think my nieces and nephews are cuter than yours :)

Meet Zion, the oldest. She's 3 and she rocks. She has a very sweet heart. She's a goofball like her dad and looks like her mom. (Trav and Reba)

Meet Calvin. He just had his 2nd birthday. He's hilarious and has a very exuberant personality. He loves basketball. Check out his crazy eyebrow. Its awesome. (Shawn and Jill)

Meet Norah. She's the newest addition born on New Years Day. We think she's going to be contankerous because she decided to come on her own time and miss tax deduction by a day. :) I haven't gotten to meet her yet but I can't wait can I not love her already with a face like this. (Trav and Reba)

Meet Clark. He is coming this summer and we can't wait. Even in black and white, he's precious!

Thursday, April 01, 2010

A Big Ol' Surprise Announcement

I've been trying to figure out the best way to tell everyone about our big surprise and I decided that the blog is the best way to do it. You see I have a huge family that lives all the over the country. So, I often get stuck playing the "who do I tell first" game. Better known as "Who won't get too ticked if they're the last to find out" game. Add into the mix a group of best friends who think they prioritize right up there with my mom and dad (you know who you are Britt, Lindsey, Shari, & Jess...not to name any names) :).

So here goes...drumroll......

I had to go off the pill for a bit while E transitioned to new job. My doctor wouldn't write me any more prescriptions til I came in for my check up but I didn't want to go in until I was on the new insurance. So, I've been off the "little pink pill" for about 2 months. So, yeah...

E started his job today. He's excited about it for a couple of reasons. First because its a paycheck. (Yay!). Second, we get insurance and that insurance has a maternity policy. I think you get where I'm going with this. So scroll down for a picture of our big surprise!

April Fool's!!! I am NOT pregnant :)