Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Girls Weekend + 2 Guys.

update: Lindsey made me feel bad for putting up the bad pictures of my friends. so to show I'm not a horrible friend I took them down.

I've already been made fun of for my pageant pose...leave it alone :)

This weekend Jessica came into town. It had been 3 months since her last visit which is unacceptable but also unusual.

On Friday, Scott, Brittany, and Jennie came over to the house to hang out with Jessica, Erin, and me. We usually play games or something but it had been so long since we hung out that we just ordered pizza and talked. It was so awesome to see them! We suck at taking pics when we hang out so I was proud of the amount that I took this weekend....that is until I saw the pictures. At least they'll be useful for blackmail :)

Britt's Blackmail Pic
(taken down per Lindsey)

Jess's Blackmail Pic
(taken down per Lindsey)

My Pepto Blackmail Pic

Pregger's Brittany!

The group - No blackmail pic for Jennie - Bummer :)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

You down w/ LTP? Yeah, you know me!

Ode to one of my best buds, Lindsey Allison Tapper Pruitt, in honor of another random package I got in the mail today:

Thanks for sending me a package Lindsey Pruitt.
Throughout the week mail helps me get through it.
Thanks for asking"Will you be my friend" on the phone.
I said sure and sang "You'll Never Walk Alone"

When I went to the place where they dispense the mail,
The post office guy said "What the $#@^!
This package is in a box of laundry detergent,
You can't send that unless its really urgent"

Everyone loves popsicle makers, they are the best .
When you say you don't I know you jest.
Is that why you regifted my Walgreen's treasure?
Because you wanted to light up my life with popsicle pleasure?

I'm not sure why you sent me a gross, used washcloth or budreaux's butt paste
But I think I'll take it to the lab and examine it post haste.
Remember what I said about 100 billion bacteria
Coming from 1 gram of something from that
area :)

You know how much I love love food
It always puts me in a good mood.
Next time there's a party I'm taking pesto and mushrooms
So I take care not to meet my imminent doom.

The randomness of the ball marker and the creepy blue guy
Give me the heebie jeebies and make me say "oh my!"
But E's not mad anymore about the cell phone minutes
Because you sent me a package with something for him in it.

Last but definitely not least
Is the treat above all treats.
The Swiss Chocolate made me whoop and holler
I hope you didn't really spend 20 dollars.

Monday, November 17, 2008


Check out my wordle. It takes the contents of text you provide (my blog) and makes the words that are most prominent in your text the most prominent in the image. Interesting that the most prominent words in my blog are "coupons" and "pie". No wonder I'm gaining weight. I must be using coupons to buy pie ingredients!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Ministry 2.0

This past weekend was the first kick-off event of Erin's new start-up company, Ministry 2.0. It was a success! The first night was just an early registration kick-off with a meet and greet and Ezekiel presentation and help session. The second day was an all day, hands-on conference where participants got to choose four workshops out ot eight to attend. The participants were bombarded with useful information to take back and implement into their ministries.

The Venue

Some of the Sponsors

Attendee and CEO of Viewzi.com


Workshop (who's the hottie presenting?)

Ultra-casual and exhausted after night 1 prep.

Prepping for Day 2!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"Tag" You're It

I've been tagged by Jana for 6 Things About Me. She tagged me ages ago but I'm just now getting around to it.

So here goes:

1. I have a severe gag reflex over certain things. If you tap me on the neck or chest/breastbone I will throw up on you.

2. Touch is not my love language. My love languages are: acts of service, gift giving, with words of affirmation coming in a close third. Erin's love languages are: touch, quality time. I try to remember to sit by him on the couch and scratch his head and he tries to remember to help me clean the dishes or buy me my favorite candy at the store :)

3. I am the Scrabble champion. Seriously. I'm awesome. The secret is in knowing the legal, official Scrabble dictionary 2-letter words. I DARE you to challenge me to a game of scrabble. :)

4. I used to do a political videoblog called "realverse.com". After we got a really big following, Michelle Malkin (thats right...the political analyst on Fox News and of hotair.com) asked me to collaborate with her and do regular spot on her site. I worked with Michelle for a while until we had to shut realverse down. I've recently been talking with Michelle and I'm thinking of getting it going again.

5. I love homemade pie. WAY better than cake. I also like to make pies from scratch. So it works out for my tongue but not for my thighs. Chocolate meringue pie, chocolate chunk pecan pie, cherry pie, fresh strawberry pie, key lime pie, butterscotch meringue pie, pumpkin pie, cheesecake (which is more of a pie than a cake). I could go on.

6. I was a really really ugly child. The ONLY person who thought I was cute as a child was my dad and maybe my mom :) I came complete with a snaggletooth, huge uncontrollable amounts of hair on my head, and thick red glasses. On occasion I wore a fanny-pack. Thank goodness puberty, braces, and contacts finally came into the picture!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Coupon Convert

My mom witnesses to everyone she comes into contact with about Jesus. That includes the cashier's at grocery stores. I used to be embarrassed by that as a kid but now I aspire to be a woman like my mom. I made a big step in that direction yesterday. No I didn't lead someone to the Lord but I DID convert an entire line of people to coupons yesterday. It went something like this.

After ringing up enough groceries to last us over 2 weeks,
Cashier: That will be $220.
Me: Actually I have some coupons.
Lady behind me in line: I used to use coupons but it wasn't worth it to only save $.35 or so.
Me: Just watch my total. You'll see
(Cashier is still ringing up all the coupons)
Lady behind me in line: Man this is taking forever. How many coupons do you have?
Me: I'm telling you, keep watching my total drop.
Cashier: Okay ma'am after coupons that will be $98.06.
Lady: What??? (turns to rest of line) Did you guys hear that? She just saved $120 using coupons!

Another victory for the couponing kingdom :)

P.S. I hope the Lord sees humor in comparing couponing to being fisher's of men. I didn't mean to be sacrilegious Lord :)

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Until I get a chance

Jana told me I better get my butt back to blogging. But, alas, this is one of the craziest weeks for me, so in the meantime I leave you with this hilarious video that my MIL (thats mother-in-law for you non-techy folks) sent me.