Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Long Time No Blog

Sorry I've been too busy for words. Short summary since last blog:

Replaced this:

With this: (Thanks centsiblesawyer for the $500 Walmart GC)

Celebrated E and I's birthdays:

His Birthday (Maggiano's and the Symphony):

My Birthday (Park Cafe):

Got these for my b'day from the Hubbs:

Bought These From Marti & Liz: (unbelievable deals on 'em)

Started school and dissected this:

Left old job where paychecks didn't cash and started old-old job again where I get to re-work with these awesome people.

Spent some time with these people and more:

Thats All!


Grandma S said...

Thanks. It's great to have something new to look at.
I like your hair in the picture with you and Erin for his b'day.
How in the world can you walk in those shoes??? My feet hurt just looking at them.

Travis Schenk said...

Nice cat.

travisandreba said...

Thanks we were tired of your Christmas tree!

Amber said...

LOVED the purple Coach shoes on Sunday. You're the only person I know with enough pizazz to look classy in purple heels!

The Dovers- said...

this cracks me up and those are some adorable cupcakes!

Jim Gantenbein said...

Nice entry! (especially for the visually oriented learners among us)