Sunday, December 07, 2008

Date Nights

Erin and I decided last week that we need to consciously have a date night once a month. Somehow, in the midst of school, work, Dave Ramsey, and being just plain old busy, we have forgotten to do this. I cook almost every meal (although is very helpful and fends for himself when I'm working) and we usually eat in front of the TV with our laptops on our lap working. Really romantic :)

So, here is our deal:
- Date nights once a month
- A date cannot involve laptops and TV (unless of course we're watching lost/or a movie from our hard drive then it counts)
- If cooking is involved it is a team effort.
- A date does not have to involve money but does have to be something that involved a little extra effort in both appearance and activity.
- Bethany cannot wear her comfy ugly yellow p.j./lounge pants on date night.

Our first monthly date night was this past Wednesday. We went to macaroni grill for dinner, then did a bit of shopping at Opry Mills, and then looked at the Christmas decorations at Opryland Hotel. We couldn't find anyone to take our picture so this is all I've got.


A little late and anti-climactic now, but here ya go!

(We were past the tired phase and at the goofy phase)

We spent Thanksgiving in Springfield, MO with Erin's parents and had a nice time.
(Aren't we cute?)

We all took part in the cooking. It was a delicious meal. Erin made pineapple cheese casserole, and I made Mom's (Schenk) stuffing and an amazing homemade butterscotch pie.

We also went rollerskating which was lots o fun.
(Lookin' a little pale and matchy matchy)

(Beautiful pic of Jenn!)

(Sharon rollerskating)