Thursday, November 19, 2009

That Girl Still Blogs?

Yes I do still blog, well sorta, at least tonight. Its been crazy, so here is a quick recap of what we've been up to...

June 2009 - Debt Free (except the house). "WE'RE DEBT FREE" (cue braveheart music)
- Bought mountain bikes as our got out of debt presents for each other

(please ignore the closed eyes & ghetto booty...hence the purchase of the bikes)

- My friend Erin Pabst & I audition for "My Fair Lady" at our local community theater & get cast as dancers....yes dancers :)
- Mountain bikes were stolen from our garage (not the first time a "bike" was stolen from the garage - fortunately the second time the bikes were less valuable :)

July 2009- We grow tired of being stolen from, the commute, and want to decrease the debt owed on the house
- Mom, Dad, Travis, Reba, and Zion visit

August 2009 - Decide to sell our house & put it on the market
- Erin purchases "Natalia" (no she's not a male order Russian bride)

- Jordan visits & we drive to Pittsburgh to see Trav, Reba, and Zion's new house.

September 2009
- 6 sold-out performances (total tickets sold 2400) later, I have made wonderful friends through My Fair Lady

October 2009
- Closed on the sale of our beloved first home.
-Move in temporarily with Rick and Kelly.
- Now 100% debt free and hoping to stay that way (or at least close to it) as we look for a new home in Franklin!!

November 2009 - Got my acceptance letter to Nursing School! Yay! (Pray my boss will be flexible with my schedule so that I can continue to work through this first semester.)