Friday, March 13, 2009

2 Years Later

Our friends Rick and Kelly gave us videography and graphic design services as part of our wedding gifts. The invites and programs and thank you notes, etc were custom made to fit my eclectic style and I loved them. They began work on the video along with all their other paying projects, but, then Kelly went off and got pregnant :) She worked right up until Owen was born to finish all their actual clients, but I told her not to worry about my video until Owen was born and settled in. They just opened the business back up and are working on E and I's wedding video furiously. They joke that they want it to be our 2 year anniversary present. Here are two of the parts they have finished. You can check out more of their work at (including my invites). I would recommend them HIGHLY to anyone getting married

We are so appreciative of all they have done for us. They are 2 of the most talented people I know.

Our video will include:

  • A picture/video montage of us as individuals and then as a couple

  • An interview with Erin and I -filmed pre-wedding day

  • Rehearsal and Dinner

  • Getting Ready

  • Complete Ceremony

  • After Ceremony Vignette

  • Interview with Guests

  • Reception

This is the "Getting Ready" part of our wedding day. I love the old-timey film effects that Rick added. I also love how my Dad asked me: "Are you ready?" right as we were walking down the if it wasn't too late to bolt ;)

This is short video catches a glimpse of some of the "After Ceremony" highlights. Ringing the bell was fun. My fave parts: 1.) me chomping my gum the whole time, 2.) E not know what to do with the train of my dress outside 3.) My brothers Shawn, Travis, and Jordan goofing off and messing up my hair during pictures.


The Dovers- said...

That's it! I am digging up my wedding is on a vcr tape! (yes, I am that old!) What a great idea! Thx for sharing!

Erin and Bethany said...

hahah...VCRs weren't THAT long ago :)

You'll have to convert it over to digital so you can post it or watch it on DVD.

Grandma S said...

I noticed the gum chewing thing! I hope you didn't have it in your mouth during the ceremony. I thought I taught you better than that!

Reba said...

Your videos were worth the wait they are really great...I cant believe how little Z was