Sunday, May 03, 2009

Logan Marshall Dickson

I got to meet my "nephew" this weekend. Friday around noon, my best friend, Brittany, gave birth to Logan Marshall Dickson. He is 6 lbs 7 oz and 19 inches long. He is so sweet, cute, and healthy. I already love him so much. He had to put up with being held by Aunt Bethany, Aunt Jennie and Aunt Jessica all day Friday and and Saturday. Welcome to the world!!

Surgical Masks in waiting rooms are fun. By the way, the nurses were glad to see us go :)


Tom Schenk said...

I wonder what Pastor Mark would think of this picture? Dad and Mom

Erin and Bethany said...

Yeah Dad You're probably right. I shouldn't ask "what would mark think?" but "what would my parents and in-laws think". I'll try and remember to take it down tomorrow. Although you have to admit it was pretty funny ;)

Erin and Bethany said...

Ok I removed the really uncomfortable one.... Jess, Jennie, and I are going to be mad if Swine Flu Surgical Mask Bathing Suits are the next big thing on the runways in Milan.

Jim Gantenbein said...

I just checked your blog today.

"I removed the really uncomfortable one..."

I think I'm glad things have been too busy to check it lately.

Erin and Bethany said...

Yes Jim you probably are glad. Despite my increase in years, I haven't quite learned to filter everything appropriately all the time. :)