Saturday, July 25, 2009

Anniversary Weekend in Chattanooga

Last month we went to Chattanooga to celebrate our 2nd anniversary. We both have always enjoyed the city. This time was no different, we had a great time and both decided that we could easily live in Chattanooga. We visited the Aquarium, the civil war battle on lookout mountain, Riverbend, Lupi's Pizza (of course!), and then floated down the river.

Goofin' off in the IMax at the Aquarium

Some of the cool creatures at the Aquarium

Lookout Point - aren't we cute :)


Travis Schenk said... update!!!

Thanks for the 20 second repreive of my absolute boredom. I poured over every single one of your like 30 words in 2 months! Yay.

Grandma S said...

Yeah, and to think that seeing us didn't even make the blog! I'm hurt.

Erin and Bethany said...

Patience mother. Our anniversary was before your visit. I haven't gotten that far yet.

When was the last time you blogged? That's what I thought :)

travisandreba said...

You guys are cute! (-: Looks like a fun weekend. Looking forward to seeing you.

The Dovers- said...

very cute pics. looks like ya had a fun weekend! you really should blog more :)