Saturday, November 04, 2006

Our Engagement Story

Erin has always been the sweetest, most thoughtful person. And, our engagement just proves how well he knows me and what I would like. It started out like a regular Saturday in which Erin and I decided to ride the motorcycle. We really like to ride out to Leiper's Fork, a historical community just outside of Franklin.

This particular day, October 28th, just happened to be exactly one year after our first ride out to Leiper's Fork. (I didn't realize this until afterward). That day, one year ago, was a very special one in our relationship. We spent the day just relaxing, enjoying each others company, looking at antiques, laughing, and acting like little kids. I even taught Erin to roll down grassy hills and then try to stand up really fast :)

So, here we are again, one year later, just running around Leiper's Fork. We went back to the cool old cemetery, got some hot chocolate, and enjoyed the pretty scenery. At the end of the afternoon we decided to go back and roll down the hill again and goof around. (Which wasn't a good idea with a stomach full of hot cocoa).

At the bottom of the hill Erin figured out how a way to get me to close my eyes (see below), got the ring out, and proposed. It was absolutely perfect, personal, and sincere. YAY WE ARE ENGAGED! :)

This is me blindfolded... I just think I'm taking a goofy picture :)

Erin did it too... he didn't want me to suspect anything :)

Friday, November 03, 2006


Well I'm engaged!!!! Erin asked me to marry him on October 28. I have a wonderful engagement story but I want to wait to tell it until after I get the picture from the engagement off of my post! This is my beautiful ring + a few fingerprints. A friend of mine from work offered to take a picture of my ring... I just forgot to bring in cleaner to take off the fingerprints :) But, it is still beautiful. I have never owned a ring (except for the 50 cent kind) and I am so glad this is my first. Jewelry has never been an exciting thing for me. Erin knew this and picked out this ring completely on his own. And, I love it!!! It holds so much meaning for me...this ring symbolizes the commitment we will make. It is a physical expression of the fact that Erin wants to spend the rest of his life with ME! I can barely believe it. It is also just like what i would have picked out. Erin told me he picked this one because it is simple but me...he said. I'm excited to buy his ring....I hope I find one that reminds me of him... smart, strong, handsome, and buff!!! Haha

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Aunt Bethany

I am an aunt!!! Beautiful Zion Mackenzie was born to my awesome brother and sister on October 23. She was already laughing and smiling after just 2 days....she must be a Schenk! I'm already in love with her even though I haven't yet met her. I'm going to be spending a lot of moolah at Baby Gap and TJMaxx!!!!