Thursday, November 20, 2008

You down w/ LTP? Yeah, you know me!

Ode to one of my best buds, Lindsey Allison Tapper Pruitt, in honor of another random package I got in the mail today:

Thanks for sending me a package Lindsey Pruitt.
Throughout the week mail helps me get through it.
Thanks for asking"Will you be my friend" on the phone.
I said sure and sang "You'll Never Walk Alone"

When I went to the place where they dispense the mail,
The post office guy said "What the $#@^!
This package is in a box of laundry detergent,
You can't send that unless its really urgent"

Everyone loves popsicle makers, they are the best .
When you say you don't I know you jest.
Is that why you regifted my Walgreen's treasure?
Because you wanted to light up my life with popsicle pleasure?

I'm not sure why you sent me a gross, used washcloth or budreaux's butt paste
But I think I'll take it to the lab and examine it post haste.
Remember what I said about 100 billion bacteria
Coming from 1 gram of something from that
area :)

You know how much I love love food
It always puts me in a good mood.
Next time there's a party I'm taking pesto and mushrooms
So I take care not to meet my imminent doom.

The randomness of the ball marker and the creepy blue guy
Give me the heebie jeebies and make me say "oh my!"
But E's not mad anymore about the cell phone minutes
Because you sent me a package with something for him in it.

Last but definitely not least
Is the treat above all treats.
The Swiss Chocolate made me whoop and holler
I hope you didn't really spend 20 dollars.


Grandma S said...

You sure have a special friend and to think you met at a beauty pageant where everyone is supposed to be "cut throte". You get your pose from your dad. Hey, would you write my newsletter article?


Lindsey said...

...SCHOLARSHIP pageant, Mama Schenk! Get it right! :o) Hey B--what's your verdict on the 89 cent pesto sauce (besides feeling like you had a mouth full of olive oil and cheap dried basil...which I'm sure was not the case)?