Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Coupon Convert

My mom witnesses to everyone she comes into contact with about Jesus. That includes the cashier's at grocery stores. I used to be embarrassed by that as a kid but now I aspire to be a woman like my mom. I made a big step in that direction yesterday. No I didn't lead someone to the Lord but I DID convert an entire line of people to coupons yesterday. It went something like this.

After ringing up enough groceries to last us over 2 weeks,
Cashier: That will be $220.
Me: Actually I have some coupons.
Lady behind me in line: I used to use coupons but it wasn't worth it to only save $.35 or so.
Me: Just watch my total. You'll see
(Cashier is still ringing up all the coupons)
Lady behind me in line: Man this is taking forever. How many coupons do you have?
Me: I'm telling you, keep watching my total drop.
Cashier: Okay ma'am after coupons that will be $98.06.
Lady: What??? (turns to rest of line) Did you guys hear that? She just saved $120 using coupons!

Another victory for the couponing kingdom :)

P.S. I hope the Lord sees humor in comparing couponing to being fisher's of men. I didn't mean to be sacrilegious Lord :)


Tom Schenk said...

When did you develop the patience to save $120 from coupons. Mom used to send me to the commissary with cereal coupons. It was almost more than I could bear!

You should call Dave Ramsey with this story! He'd be proud. Way to go!

Sharon said...

Bethany, I am just a little jealous! I do still use coupons but I don't get to save that much. Just think if you made $10 an hour, you just earned the equivalent of 12 hours labor with no Federal income tax, FICA or Medicare withheld! OR if you want to be more generous to yourself and pay $20 an hour, you earned equal to 6 hours labor! May God bless your efforts and reward your good stewardship richly. Love MIL