Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Girls Weekend + 2 Guys.

update: Lindsey made me feel bad for putting up the bad pictures of my friends. so to show I'm not a horrible friend I took them down.

I've already been made fun of for my pageant pose...leave it alone :)

This weekend Jessica came into town. It had been 3 months since her last visit which is unacceptable but also unusual.

On Friday, Scott, Brittany, and Jennie came over to the house to hang out with Jessica, Erin, and me. We usually play games or something but it had been so long since we hung out that we just ordered pizza and talked. It was so awesome to see them! We suck at taking pics when we hang out so I was proud of the amount that I took this weekend....that is until I saw the pictures. At least they'll be useful for blackmail :)

Britt's Blackmail Pic
(taken down per Lindsey)

Jess's Blackmail Pic
(taken down per Lindsey)

My Pepto Blackmail Pic

Pregger's Brittany!

The group - No blackmail pic for Jennie - Bummer :)

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