Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I passed!

This book and I have gotten to know each other really well over the past few weeks. Today I finished step 1 on my journey towards dental school. I passed the Biology CLEP test!!! It is a scaled score test with scores ranging from 20 to 80. It is pass/fail and you have to get a 50+ to pass. I got a 60. I didn't like cutting it so close but unfortunately I didn't use the best study materials. I only used the Biology CLEP study guide and figured that would be enough. Lets just say that I almost panicked when I went in there and the material was much more in depth. But, fortunately I was at least able to make educated guesses on the majority of the questions. I'm glad its over. This test got me 16 hours of credit. I have a lot to do before I can even apply to dental school. If ONE thing doesn't go as planned then my dental school plans and hopes and dreams will not work out. Please pray for God's timing on this one. Erin and I want to make sure that we are following God's will, not our own. Here's whats left to do.

  1. Now - Pass another CLEP test. This one is MUCH harder. It is for 16 hours of Chemistry 1 and 2 credit. I only get ONE shot at this. If I don't pass then I don't get another shot and am done.

  2. May - Possibly shadowing a dentist friend of ours in his office. Need to have experience in a dental office so that I can discuss that in my interview with UT.

  3. June - Begin summer classes. I will be taking Organic Chemistry I and Physics I

  4. July - Next summer session. Organic Chem II and Physics II

  5. July - August - Take the DAT. I can take it up to 3 times.

  6. August - Fall term begins. Microbiology, Comparative Anatomy, Biochemistry, and possibly Histology

  7. November 30 - Application due to UT Memphis

  8. December - Finish pre-req classes

Uggh! Pray for me!

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Grandma S said...

So glad to see you had time to change your blog. I'd been checking! Reading all this helps me keep it in perspective and makes it clearer than when we're talking on the phone. Praying for you. God has a plan.