Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Easter Reminder

Erin had a friend/business associate of his over for dinner. This friend is from India and practices Hindu. He is such a wonderful person and we had interesting discussions about the differences in religion, culture, politics, sports, etc between America and India. I was explaining to him about how America celebrates mostly Christian holidays with Christmas being the biggest and Thanksgiving the next. But he pointed out that this didn't make sense: "Shouldn't EAster be your biggest holiday?" After I explained the differences between secular and spiritual celebrations of these holidays I realized that sometimes even Christians put Easter lower on the scale of celebrations. But, EASTER is what makes Christianity real, its OUR HOPE! It took someone of another faith to really make this hit home with me. So, this year, I really focused on remembering the sacrifice and most importantly the VICTORY that Christ had over the grave.... all for our sake. Praise the Lord.

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Lindsey said...

Cool story! I guess I never stopped to think about what the 'biggest' holiday *should* be, but your Indian friend was completely right! Thanks for the reminder!