Monday, March 31, 2008

Baby Calvin is Here! Aunt and Uncle Times Two!

Shawn and Jill were due April 17th so we were surpised when we got the news yesterday that Jill's water had broken and they were at the hospital. After a several nervous hours when Jill was only dilated 2 cm and Calvin's heart rate was irregular, we thought Jill was going to have to have a C-Section. We were all praying like crazy that his heart rate would even out and that she would be able to have him naturally. Well, God is good, because Calvin was born, perfectly healthy and precious. When I talked to Shawn, he was bragging the whole time about how awesome Jill was during delivery and how proud he was of Calvin. They are going to be great parents. I love him very much already and am so sad that I don't get to go visit him anytime soon :(

Here's a pic of Shawn (dad) and my Aunt Susan...apparently Jill didn't want any pictures taken of her 'cause I don't have a single one :)

And just to prove that I am Aunt to the cutest 2 kids in the world, here is a picture of Zion in her Easter dress.... love this girl :)

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