Saturday, March 15, 2008

Game Night Part Deux

I love game nights. So, every time Jessica comes into town from Chattanooga, we invite the gang over and have a girls game night and dinner. I love these nights because I ROCK at Scrabble and like to prove my vocabulary and polysyllabic prowess to anyone who will play with me :) If you've seen the post from last game night you will remember that I had a controversial win last time because of my use of the world "si" which is part of the melodic scale and is sometimes used instead of "ti". (a.k.a. Do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, si, do). Anyway, I came this time ready to conquer.... and guess what? I DID!! (sorry Brit, Jennie, and Jess). They gave me such a hard time about my word choice last time, but look at the PROPER noun they used below...totally illegal game play. But, no hard feelings. :)

I did not win Scattergories, so it wasn't a totally successful night. But, we always have a blast together and I'm so glad that God has blessed me with such wonderful friends that have remained close since college. We even forgive one of us for being a liberal (don't worry I'm NOT the liberal one)... but mainly its okay because she's a liberal in TN and we know her vote won't really make a difference anyway :)

The Gals -- we're a strange conglomeration of girls -- but we make a good team.

We still think fingers and noses are funny.... hmmmm.


Lindsey said...

Looks like you 'picked' some good friends! hehe! I especially enjoyed your lacy see-through black top paired with the zip-up sweatshirt...Classic. But most of all,I'm glad to see my birthday card made your fridge! whoohoo! :o)

E and B: We're married. We love each other lots. said...

Of course your bday card made the fridge. That card was written with me in mind :)

Don't dis the lacy top/sweatshirt combo... after all I was Miss Central TN 2005. Fashion Icon America - right up there with Blair Pancake and her purple pantsuit.