Monday, November 19, 2007

He's Back!!!!!

Erin got home this evening. Yay!! It is so-o-o good to have him home. I've missed him so much. He is exhausted from all the travel and I'm glad he has a day to rest before we get on another plane and head to Mom and Dad's (Schenk) for Thanksgiving. We had some good ole' American food for dinner - a juicy burger from Red Robin - as a welcome back to the States dinner. Here are some pics from Riga, Latvia and Prague, Czech Republic. I know he probably won't post anything about his trip so if you want to know what all of these are pictures of, you'll have to ask him.

I do know that he loved the food in Latvia, got to experience their independence days, and that he saw some of the oldest buildings in the world from Prague. Very very cool.

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