Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Erin Update

Erin had a wonderful time in Latvia. His workshop at the conference went really well. I'm so glad that he had a good time there and that he got to minister to the missionaries and church communicators there. He said that they are very passionate about their faith. Yay!!

He also enjoyed the Latvian culture. Erin absolutely LOVED the food. Of course he did; it is basic food: meat, potatoes, stews, and soups. Maybe he can bring back some recipes for me; of course I won't be able to read them since they're in Latvia! I don't want to spoil the fun of storytime for him when he gets back but I will tell you that he took in the Museum of the Occupation, an Independence Day Celebration, and an Opera while he was there. He'll have to give you details himself.
He got into Prague, Czech Republic yesterday evening. Unfortunately, this destination isn't going as smoothly as the last one yet. There was a mix-up with the hotel and Erin got stuck in a tiny "jail cell" hostel last night, moved to a crowded apartment room (with other people) tonight, and will finally get moved to his own room with internet access tomorrow. Please pray that things start to pan out a little better for him there.

I miss him and am ready for him to come home.

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