Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Exercise Plan

Because I have been so swamped with school this month, Erin and I have had to get creative with our time. We've had to figure out a way to exercise, have fun, and spend time together all at once. So, we have been kneeboarding! It is great excercise, only takes us about 10 minutes to get the boat out and on the water, and it is great fun. Unfortunately there are no pictures of us actually doing it because one of us has to drive the boat while the other takes a turn. But it is great fun!

Stud Muffin :)

The only downside is that I really need to buy another pair of sunglasses because mine broke and I've been wearing a pair of Erin's and they look a little goofy :)

On the boat - w/ the goofy glasses!

Erin makes fun of me for never putting bad pics up of myself so here ya go! He snapped this one of me after kneeboarding. I was exhausted!

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