Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Change Is A Comin'

Short post because I'm supposed to be studying...but...

Originally this blog was for family members who I don't get to see enough. It was really just meant to be insight in my day-to-day life.

But, once the beast of Organic II is over I'm going to change things up a bit. Since I now have a bigger readership and since writing is therapeutic I want to start using this as a tool to communicate my thoughts and stance on different things.

In addition to "today I did this and today I did that" I will hopefully begin blogging a bit about:
- things God is saying to me personally, my spiritual growth

- I'm pretty passionate about politics and would like to begin getting some eye-opening information out there to a very liberal, unresearched group of people about their favorite candidate

- Work-out and health ideas

- Anything else I'm heated about at the moment.

Hopefully I will actually do this... sometimes I have good intentions but no follow-through.

Wish me luck on my test tomorrow!


Travis Schenk said...


The part about political candicy...what people are lacking is a non political point of view. I was listening to the Christian Radio station the other day and they were making a big deal about Focus on the Family guy getting ready to endorse McCain. Big Deal! I wish he would simply say "well you know Obama says this but the Bible says this. You make the call. McCain says this and the Bible says this, again you make the call." Believe me, there are bad things about both candidates. But there is truth out there. That's what we should all be concerned about finding.

By the way, when you say that the blog was meant for us to catch up on your life, but now you want to change it to your list, well I think your family and friends will still think that the blog is for us to catch a glimpse of your daily life. Keep sharing you with us! Not much will change in that regard. Also, just do it. Just write. You will find yourself at 60 years old wishing you had started if you don't just start!

The Dover Family said...

Hey Beth. I am just making my rounds, checking in on everyone's blog! I hope you are doing well and studying hard!