Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sunday Fun

Our friends got a huge 16 foot waterslide for their Son's birthday. But, of course, the grown-ups took over the slide once all the kids were gone and had a blast as well. We should have know it was a bad omen when the whole thing collapsed the first time. There is a 300 pound weight limit for this inflatable slide but there were 4 kids and 5 adults already on there when I stepped on. As soon as I did we had too much weight on one side and it detached from the air fan and fell over. The kids were all the way at the top but they weren't hurt at all because there was still a ton of air in it.

Head First!

So, of course we blew it back up and kept sliding making sure there were only 3 adults at a time :) But Erin and Will decided to double-bounce each other and they had a collision resulting in a deep cut on the elbow for Erin and a trip to the emergency room for shin stitches for Will. But, they're all fine. Of course it is always the grown-ups that hurt themselves! Erin asked me if we could buy one!

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