Thursday, May 15, 2008

Finally a Post

I know it has been forever since I have posted... I really do apologize. Many of you expressed that you were tired of seeing the last NCAA post, so I'm giving you an update. A lot has happened, so I'll just give you a brief rundown of events.

1. Erin spent 15 days straight in Ft. Worth, TX for the United Methodist General Conference which occurs every 4 years. He was there from end of April to beginning of May. They bring in about 3000 delegates from the UM convention and they debate and vote on the church's stance on issues for the next 4 years. Erin was not a delegate of course (he's Baptist :) but he was there to set up the networks for 3000 people, organize the internet cafe's, and troubleshoot problems as they come.

One of the major issues they voted on was whether the methodists would continue to regard homosexuality as a practice "incompatible with Christian teaching". Now, I would think this would be a no-brainer (especially if you look in the Bible, its pretty cut and dry) but apparently there was a lot of debate about the issue. I'm glad to report that in the end they voted to retain the original language of their beliefs: that homosexuality IS incompatible with Christian teaching.

Family...If you decide to comment on this please remember that Erin works for the agency and some of his coworkers read this blog.

2. I had planned on continuing to work with my company through the end of May. We had an adjusted schedule worked out so that I could continue shadowing at a dental office as well as work and get a new person trained to take over. I would also be taking on more classes during the night hours to help out the company. Unfortunately during the first week of May I was pulled from the class I was teaching and told that they would no longer be able to hold their end of the bargain as far as the schedule was concerned and so I told them that my last day would be 2 weeks from that day. At first I was surprised that they reneged on the deal but then I remembered the structure of the company. I had a boss (we'll call him R). R was supposed to be over the entire Nashville account (which included 3 locations). However, R actually has no authority. Anything R says, his superior undermines. So, R will make a decision and she (his boss) will go against it. He has to run EVERYTHING by him and she micromanages him to a ridiculous degree. The problem is that micromanaging is a problem all the way from the top (also most of the people in power are women with a chip on their shoulder). So I found out that R had agreed to our schedule but his boss had not. When she heard about it, she acknowledged that it would be beneficial to the company for me to work an adjusted schedule but that it would be "unfair to the other people in the company if I got to work an adjusted schedule for a few weeks" and that since I was "friends with R" she wouldn't allow it. This is coming from the same woman who took complaints from the other women in the company who said that I was only liked by my boss because I was "skinny and pretty". They would also complain to the boss if I finished my tasks for the day (efficiently) and they had not. So, I would get their tasks piled onto me. Ahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! When did the workplace become socialist too? Good riddance.

3. My friend Jessica finished her graduate program. We all went to her graduation in Chattanooga. It was a lot of fun to celebrate her big day with her.

Brittany, Jessica (the graduate), Bethany

Mmm...Ben and Jerry's. I mean, Bethany and Brittany

Jessica and Scott

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Grandma S said...

Glad you got to go. After all your studying, you needed a break.