Saturday, May 24, 2008

Michelle's Wedding

We had a great Memorial Day weekend...very busy but fun.

Saturday was my good friend Michelle McNatt's wedding. It was in Knoxville so Erin and I drove out for it. She asked me to be a part of the wedding by praying over her and James during a portion of the ceremony and I was so honored to do it. They are going to be a great couple that God is going to use in awesome ways. They had the wedding and reception at a family friend's house on the lake. It was so beautiful. Here are a few pics for you Lindsey :)

Check out this playhouse. It even had a loft! Probably cost as much as our a few of our house payments.. ha! Erin thought it was funny that I was so obsessed with the playhouse, but I had always wanted a liliput playhouse ( as a kid and this reminded me of one. I told Erin he would be building one for our kids one day :)

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