Monday, August 27, 2007

Credit Cards and All

On Friday afternoon, I was studiously perusing my personal email, myspace account, and various other frequented blogs, while waiting patiently for the work week to end. As I was doing so, I noticed a new email pop into my work email account, but being that it was 4:48 on a Friday, I decided to ignore it. At 4:59, I checked my account (just to make sure) and found that it was actually an email from a girl I worked with about 2 years ago at CJ Advertising. It was titled "Did you lose your wallet this week?"

This peaked my interest. Valerie (ex-coworker: oh that sounds harsh) wrote to tell me that a man from a grocery store in Lavergne, TN found an old business card of mine in a wallet that had been dumped in their parking lot. He was calling to see if I had lost my wallet.

I immediately called the grocery store because I had in fact had my wallet taken (or I left it, one of the two) from a gas station in Smyrna. The man verified that all of my credit cards, gift cards, forms of ID, check book, and receipts were still there. I was so excited that it was found because it is a really nice leather wallet, and I would hate to have lost it permanently. Plus, now I don't have to stand in line for hours and take a day off work just to get a new ID. God is good! :)

When I went to pick it up that evening, I couldn't help but laugh. It was a pretty disgusting, trashy little supermarket. It was the type of grocery store that I wouldn't buy produce from, even if you offered me $$$$. After seeing the type of place that my wallet was dumped at, I think that the culprit was one of these 4 people:


travisandreba said...

Bethany you made me laugh out loud. And how weird that your wallet just popped up in a random place. Nothing was missing in it? Glad you got it back though. My mom lost her wallet in disney world two different times when we went there on vacation. My dad was beside himself the second time but she got it back both times.

travisandreba said...

You still need to check for charges and I hope you closed all those accounts. All they need is your drivers license and credit card to do major damage to you credit. Not only that, they have your address. Not to spook you or anything!