Monday, August 06, 2007

Continued Progress

The roof is on now and the OSB walls are up. Erin is hoping to finish the rest of it this weekend. It even has a nice window. My husband is so good at everything. I mean...HELLO!! He is an incredible pianist/musician. He is a good dancer. He is a huge technology geek (in a good way). He is a seasoned business professional. He maintains and fixes all the cars himself. He is a black belt in TaeKwondo. And, thanks to the teachings of his dad from an early age, he is incredibly handy. If I were going to build my own shop/building (don't laugh!), I would make a floor, 4 walls, and a roof...right? Who knew you had to have air vent caps at the top of the roof? Or that you even had to plan how air will circulate through a building? Or that there would be so many steps to making those 4 walls, floor, and roof? Anyway, I'm very proud of my superman husband :)

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