Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Adventures of Unlucky Bethany

It's official. I am the most unlucky person ever to grace God's green earth. Now, I know as a Christian that I am not supposed to believe in luck. I know that I am supposed to view all of this as an honor that God has deemed me hardy enough to handle all sorts of things with HIM at the helm. (this is true after all). I have also decided to view it as unadulterated comedy. I am also starting to view it as a major money making opportunity. For years, my friend Lindsey has told me to write a book of all the random things that happen to me. Like the time I got stuck in the tanning bed buck naked and had to have the worker girl cut my hair out of the hinges. Or how about the time the Arby's drive thru girl told me she was "Gonna Take My @#% Out! Most embarrassing was the opening number at Miss Tennessee where during my dance my halter top fell down exposing my skin colored Nu Bra on stage for all to see! hahahaha....

Anyway, this week has been another one of those unlucky weeks, or as Sarah would say, a "Bethany Moment" week.
1.) I left my wallet on the back of my car while filling up at the gas station. It was either stolen or I drove off with it still there. Not sure which.
2.) I realized that the Target gift card and Bed Bath and Beyond gift card from the wedding was in my wallet.
3.) Erin accidentally left $20 in cash at the Walmart self checkout register and realized it no more than 2 minutes later. He called the store where the receptionist put him in a never-ending phone loop so she could go take his $20 (nothing like innocent til proven guilty huh!)
4.) I decided to take a Starbucks break at work but went out to find a very very flat tire. Not to mention they were brand new tires.

But, at the end of it all, God has been so wonderful in blessing us despite our stupidity. I was able to get the balance of both gift cards reissued to the tune of about $500. The folks at Bed Bath and Beyond were amazing and went the extra mile to track down the gift card number for me. Also, we had a warranty on the tires and I paid $2.78 for a brand new tire today. GOD IS GOOD!!!

Maybe one day I'll write a book document all these moments for people to laugh at and for me to make back the money I have spent on all my unlucky or stupid moments!


Uncle Jim said...

Dear Bethany,

Don't spend any time writing the book. You'll just end up leaving it somewhere while you're on the way to the publisher.

Linz said...

Haha! I agree with Uncle Jim... ;op