Friday, July 13, 2007

But Dave Ramsey Said....

We love Dave Ramsey!! We've started the Dave Ramsey plan/budget already. We are doing the Total Money Makeover and are paying off ALL of our debt (including student loans...everything!). We are really pumped about it. Which is why we were so excited when given the opportunity to attend a taping of Financial Peace University taught live by Dave Ramsey for 9 nights in a row. Dave Ramsey decided to update his DVD's of FPU and we were given the opportunity to be part of the live studio audience for free. Erin couldn't go to the first week because he's been out of town but I have been every night and it has been awesome! This week he talked about getting out of debt. I am so ready to cut back the budget and Live Like No One Else so that later I can Live Like No One Else. Woohoo!

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