Monday, July 23, 2007

The Building

Erin has decided that we have too much stuff and too little room. Erin just built a new master closet to fit my clothes. In fact, we have a list of building projects slated to get done. Erin first has to build a shop/storage building in the backyard so that we can move all of his garden and lawn equipment out of the garage. Once everything gets moved out of the garage, we can:
  • Have a Garage Sale
  • Begin Building the Bonus Room Addition so that we can have enough space for our stuff
  • MAYBE park our cars in there!! :)
As you can see it is very important that this building gets done. Erin is doing a great job! It is not finished yet but will be soon. Here are the pictures so far.

Building the Foundation

Beginning of Wall Framing

The Walls are up!

Joists are Done!

I am so blessed in so many ways for the husband I have. It is nice that he is so handy! More pics to come.

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travisandreba said...

Erin can you please come back and visit and help Travis with the ceiling fan in our bedroom? (Travis is really quite handy but I am impressed by your projects..) The cieling fan is our project this weekend.