Thursday, March 11, 2010

She's A....Half Bricked...House

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Remember when I said we'd signed a contract on a home to be built? (Bethany Happy) Well that was the plan, until the neighbor next door to it wanted to buy our lot. The builder, seeing an opportunity to sell 2 lots at once accepted the neighbors offer and called us and asked us to take a different lot. (Bethany Angry) The builder also offered $2000 or an upgrade because we had to choose a different lot (Bethany still angry but seeing opportunity).

While deciding if we wanted to keep our original lot or move and take the upgrades, we remembered a spec house we had been in that was more expensive but had a floor plan we really loved. Even though it was significantly higher priced, it had been on the market since September and was costing the builder money every month. We decided to counter offer the builder: give us the spec house for the same price as our original contract or we keep the original lot. (Bethany Anxious). Well guess what?? After a little negotiating and small changes to the agreement, the builder accepted our offer. (Bethany Happy Again!)

We have certainly been blessed during this process. We knew it would be difficult to live with people for so long but thankfully Rick, Kelly, and Owen have been so awesome and generous. We really appreciate them. Allowing us to live with them so affordably has allowed us to save a great deal of money to put towards this house. We were expecting and excited purchasing a very small, old, fixer-upper. But, God, knowing that we are both too busy and worn out to do all the work neccessary for a fixer upper, put this deal right in our lap. And its amazing, a house we could have never purchased within our financial guidelines for ourselves if the Lord hadn't been apart of it.

Pro's of this Deal compared to other house
  • House is slightly bigger
  • Way better - open - floor plan
  • More kitchen cabinets
  • Jack and Jill bathroom upstairs
  • Seperated sinks in bathroom
  • Bigger closets
  • More storage space
  • Beautiful gunstock hardwoods already installed
  • Huge center island in kitchen
  • Has a big laundry room
  • Enough space for a baby grand or grand piano
  • More expensive house for the same amount of money
  • Its built! So we move in late April instead of early July!
Con's of this Deal
  • Half brick and half siding (the other was 3 sides brick)
  • Countertops aren't granite (not really a con though because we got some granite from a friend and will install it ourselves.)
  • Carpeted areas have the cheap carpet that is your typical new home carpet (will have to be replaced fairly soon)
  • Laundry room is upstairs
Here she is!! Of course, even though its a brand new house, Erin and I already have 3 projects we're doing prior to move in :)

Front Living Room: Love the windows!!

Kitchen and Living Room

Kitchen and Dining Area


Master Bath

Master Bath with separate tub.


Amber said...

Love it! The house is beautiful.

Allison said...

yay! congrats on the new house!

A Little McD said...

So excited for you, neighbor! :)

AbbasGirl said...

I love it! Let us know when you need help moving. :)

Grandma S said...

Love the house. There's room for your mom and dad to come... and even stay awhile. But Jill is married to Shawn, not Jack and even though they will like have their own bathroom, they probably would want a bedroom as well.

Mariellen Cherry Rigby said...

LOve it! THis makes me miss our TN home. Congrats girl! Way to stick to your guns!

Travis Schenk said...

Nice! I hope you paint though! Let me know if you want some help with anything. Maybe I could plan a long work weekend over the summer.