Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Looking Forward...Way Forward

I'm creating this list to keep me motivated. I need a little encouragement to continue working full time, going to school full time, preparing to move into our new house, etc. These are the things that I will enjoy in mid-May once school and sleepless nights are over: YAY

1) spending QUALITY time with my husband... NOT both of us sitting in the office, not speaking, only working/studying

2) being skinny and tan... NOT holed up in a room eating popcorn constantly to stay awake

3) riding the motorcyle

4) having my own home!!

5) sleeping

6) getting a beefalo w/ Hale and Andi and finishing our conversion to organic, whole foods (once we're in our own place again)

7) going on a cruise

8) being able to say "Yes" to coffee with friends

9) going to the pool on the mornings/afternoons I don't work

10) planting a garden

11) crafting and sewing to my hearts desire

12) running sprints in the evenings

13) cycling

14) seeing family

15) hiking/camping

16) playing piano (cause we're getting one as soon as we move....double Yay!!)

17) eating my fave summer foods/desserts like fresh strawberry pie, fruit pizza, limeades, baja style tacos, meats on the grill, fresh fruit smoothies, Sweet CeCe's yogurt (yuck in the cold winter...awesome in the hot summer!).

18) getting a doggie

19) not driving to M'boro

20) Decorating the house

On another note, we may have some positive changes coming regarding our house. I can't say anything yet but I'll keep you posted. Back to studying!!

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Grandma S said...

Sounds great. The last statement, could it be that one of those rooms is going to be a baby room???