Sunday, February 07, 2010

90 days and we're HOME!!

We signed a contract on a home-build yesterday! Woohoo!!!! We are very excited to have finally found something that both of us feel is a good fit for our lifestyle and financially conservative as well. Here is a drawing of what our cute little house will look like.

We really feel like we got a great deal on this house. It is in alignment with our financial goals in purchasing a house and it has basically all the things we wanted. It is about 2000 square feet which is plenty big for us and will allow us to grow a little bit into it. It is located in Brentwood, TN (official address is Brentwood but its close to Cane Ridge) and is 25 minutes from M'boro for school, 25 minutes from downtown for E's work, and 15 minutes from Cool Springs for church and my work. Perfect!! It will be ready to move 90-100 days after breaking ground which will hopefully happen this week or next, weather permitting.

We never thought that we would get such a great deal, especially on a new home build, but we found a builder who is doing this for less than $100/sq. foot! Crazy! Also, the selling agent is giving us and our realtor, Samuel, a "certificate for a cruise" once we close on the house, whatever a "certificate" will get you :) Yay...I hear the sound of the Caribbean waves already!

Rick and Kelly (and Owen) have been so gracious to let us live with them this long. We really appreciate their friendship and generosity. However, I think they and we will be ready to get back to life with everyone having their own house :) But, if I had to choose any couple in the world to live with, it would be them. They've been awesome.

Side Note: This is Max, Rick and Kelly's boxer. Max likes me.... a lot. He likes to pee on all my stuff to mark his territory. I don't like this. I'll miss him (he's sweet)... but I won't miss his pee...

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Allison said...

hey bethany,
congrats on your new home! i work 2 days a week right over there in concord place. anyway, glad you commented no my blog today...i had no idea you had one! glad i found it! yay!
congrats again! I am now a PUBLIC follower! ;)