Friday, February 26, 2010

Hubs from Heaven

Erin and I like to play a little game called the "Who Married Up Game". Don't worry we've never played it about you :) Erin and I often disagree on who married up when playing this game because we value different characteristics in people but it is no secret and there is no discussion that I married up, WAY up!!

Can I just tell you how much I love my husband? No? Well its my blog so I'm gonna tell you anyway :) Just a few reasons I love my hubbs.....

1) He leads by example more than words. Erin knows the Bible and is a dedicated studier of it. He actively pursues a relationship with the Lord and I see it and follow his lead. He never asks me to sacrifice something with out equally sacrificing first.

2) He works hard for our family. E is a provider through and through. He wants to provide me with my needs and often gives me a bunch of my wants. He is also willing to work hard for our goals. He does what it takes.

3) He watches Cheaters with me late at night and we laugh. (side note: cheating is not funny, its wrong. But Cheaters the T.V. show, on the other hand, is a riot. Joey Greco uses more polysyllabic words than a dissertation)

4) He has a super long fuse.

5) He works hard to communicate with me in a way I'll understand. E isn't a big talker but he knows that I am. So, he works hard to communicate with me in that way. If he is upset about something, he calmly tells me. I love this because sometimes I don't realize I've done something wrong until he tells me...then we can take care of it.

6) He intelligent and thinks I'm smart too. and treats me like an equal. We like to have intellectual conversations and this is very validating to me.

7)See picture. Need I say more? :)

8)He is an amazing musician. My mom loves this about him too :)

9) He loves my family and makes an effort to know them.

10) He can make me laugh all day long. We have so much fun together which is what keeps our marriage fresh. I'm constantly laughing at his antics.


Grandma S said...

God picked out a good one for you didn't He?

Building the Nest said...

This is very cute!! I am sure he enjoyed reading it too!