Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Stupid Me

I did something stupid...go figure. How is it that physics, calculus, Anatamy & Physiology, etc are literally a piece of cake for me, but doing daily household chores is like rocket science. I was being a good little wife the other day and had cleaned the entire house while studying and catching up on emails. Pretty proud of myself. I had just started to fill up the sink to wash the dishes when E came home. I went to the living room to say hi and totally forgot about the running water. I think E just thought he heard the washing machine running or something cause he didn't say anything. Thirty minutes later I go into the kitchen to get a drink and realize it is COMPLETELY flooded. I'm such an idiot!!! We thought we had avoided catastrophe because it didn't reach any of the carpet in the adjoining room and we managed to wet vac it off the floor in the kitchen. Thankfully I have the best husband in the world because he totally supressed his anger and was only kind and forgiving to me.

The next day we walked in the guest bedroom and hallway and felt wet carpet. This room butts up against the kitchen and apparently the water soaked through the wall and into the carpet. We are trying to salvage the carpet and the pad until we are ready to put hardwood down as originally planned. We were hoping to do it early next year...but may have to move that up a bit :(

Here's a pic of the drying pad and carpet. I put baking soda all over it and keep a fan on it. I've also been using a blow dryer on it. Please Lord LET IT DRY!!

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