Sunday, February 03, 2008

Birthday Fun!

Erin and I's birthdays are very close together. Mine is January 23 and his is February 2nd (groundhog's day).

My birthday was on a Wednesday this year (bleck!) and I had to work. Nothing too exciting happened at work except for the fact that I had more friends call, email, or text my birthday wishes than I ever have before! We had decided not to do presents this year for our birthdays because we got everything we wanted for Christmas and we would rather write an extra check towards the Dave Ramsey plan than receive a present. So I wasn't really expecting anything. After work I went to the gym and worked out and when I came in the house it was perfectly clean, something delicious was cooking, and there was a fire in the fireplace! Turns out Erin had taken a half day off work to clean the house for me and cook me a fantastic dinner of Candied Glazed Lamp Chops and my favorite bleu cheese chopped salad. Yummy! I also had roses and a sweet card waiting for me. It was a great birthday.

Erin's birthday was on a Saturday which gave it a little more flexibility. I got up early that morning and a Monkey Bread (or Pull-Apart) coffee cake, Juice, and a Quiche waiting for breakfast. I even put 28 candles in the Monkey Bread for him to blow out :) We spent the day just doing fun stuff: went for a walk, threw the football, etc. Then that night Hale and Andi, Nate and Erin P, and Erin and I went to Macaroni Grill (we had a gift card!) and ice skating. Ice skating was a blast; probably more funny than anything!

Thanks to all of you who sent birthday cards and gifts. We appreciate and love you all!

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Greg said...

Happy birthday to you both!!! (obviously late, but for some reason your blog doesn't update for like a month and then there are 5 posts we missed?!) our blog just doesn't update for a month HA!