Saturday, December 15, 2007

Cheesy Christmas Sweaters!

Last night we had an "Ultimate Cheesy Christmas Sweater Party" at our house. It was just a get-together for a group of our friends from Sunday School and the only requirement was that you had to wear a cheesy christmas sweater! It was so funny seeing all our frends dressed in this cheesy garb! The winner of the cheesiest sweater for the guys was definitely our friend Nate and the winner for the girls was his wife Erin. She wore more than a just a sweater...she wore a Christmas jumper as well!! We also had a ton of fun playing a Wii that our friends James and Suzy generously let us borrow.

The winners - they look so happy :)

Cheesin' with Hale and Andi

Our new Smyrna neighbors!!

The Cheesy Hosts!!!!

We spent all week preparing for it...we even painted the kitchen and the living room. We had assorted holiday beverages and a great spread of:
Hamburger Cheese Dip and Chips
Sausage Cream Cheese Bake
Ginger Creams with Icing
Choc. Chip Cookies
Sugar Snap Pea Tea-sized Sandwhiches
Chocolate Oreo Filled Truffles

I was really proud of it, since I made it all from scratch and didn't mess up on any of it. That is a real first for me :) I even managed to keep the kitchen clean while preparing :)

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