Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Passports and other such things :)

You may ask what I'm doing writing a blog just a few days after our wedding. Well, Erin meticulously and thoughtfully planned our honeymoon to Jamaica. He applied for his passport 15 weeks in advance. They promised 10 weeks max. Two weeks before the wedding we really started to get worried. So, we called the passport office and they assured us it would be expedited to us. One week before the wedding we got really worried and got the state senator involved. Unfortunately, no one was able to get us our passport. They thought it may come the day of the wedding but it did not :( So, here we are spending our honeymoon at the Smyrna pool! haha.

On Monday, Erin and I went back to work. It was hard to do but we knew we should save our vacation for when our passports got here. Erin was so upset about the whole passport issue and about the fact that the airlines and hotels charged us close to $1000 to change our reservations that he wrote all of the major news stations and papers about our ordeal. They were very interested in our story and came to the house and did an interview!! We were the 10 o'clock news story on 2 major Nashville networks. And what do you know? Our passport came the very next day, airfreighted and couriered to us at 10 p.m. !

The only bad thing about having news stations unexpedtedly come to your house to film 2 days after the wedding is that their is junk EVERYWHERE!!! I still hadn't finished unpacking from moving in and our parents had dropped all the wedding stuff off at our house. It was a disaster zone!


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