Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Our Baby Is Gone

We're not doing so hot today. First off, I'm in Cleveland. I have been basically living in Cleveland since January for work. It is terrible. It's cold. Its cloudy. My job is terrible, and this woman named DeeDee that I work with is even more terrible. She actually slaps my hand on a daily basis and pokes me in the side while she criticizes me. But, can I say anything? No, because when I stood up for myself, she drug me in to the supervisors office who just happens to be her best friend. I was at that point told to quit being so proactive and obey DeeDee because she just has a "strong personality". Whatever.

But even worse than all this is the fact that while Erin and I were in Springfield over the weekend his motorcycle was stolen out of his garage. This motorcycle, named Nadia, was his baby. He LOVED this motorcycle and is just heartbroken that someone would steal her from the house. It makes it even worse that someone knows how to get in the house. There is no sign of breaking and entering.

Unfortunately neither homeowners nor his motorcycle insurance policy will cover this. So, it is a just a straight loss. Please be praying for Erin.

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