Sunday, April 22, 2007

Springfield Shower

Erin's mom, Sharon, threw us a shower in Springfield, MO this weekend. It was so much fun and so neat to meet a lot of the people that have helped shape Erin's life. Plus, we really raked in the gifts!! haha. See some of the pics below

It was an eventful trip there too. Erin and I left after work for the 7.5 our drive to Springfield. On the way there, in the middle of no where, we popped a tire. Unfortunately, my spare tire was also flat. We barely had cell phone reception and were in the middle of a couple hundred mile (maybe an exaggeration) stretch of nothing. I called my insurance company and they said the closest tow truck was 2 hours away. We were only 1.5 hours from Springfield. To make matters worse I had failed to replace the dome light in my car. It was PITCH BLACK outside and in! I did have a random crank powered flash by the end of the night my arm was tired.

Finally a police officer came to rescue and drove us to the nearest gas station to pump up the spare tire. We made it to Erin's house and promptly replaced all the tires on the car the next day. Erin's parents generously bought those as a wedding present for us. THANK YOU!!!! I will never again leave town without a working dome light and a full spare tire.

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