Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Rethinking & An Update

I know, I know...I've been removed from most everyone's blogroll because I never update! But, I am rethinking what to do with this blog. I've been doing a little research on blogs & have noticed that a good blog serves 1 of 2 functions: 1) an update for out of town friends & family on happenings or 2) a channel to communicate information about a specific topic...not as much emotions or feelings. I want to make sure my blog falls into one of these 2 categories and have yet to decide which one I'm going for. I do not want my blog to be a journal of my thoughts and emotional blather for 2 reasons, first, I feel like those types of blogs only attract people who think or feel similarly and therefore serve to reinforce feelings instead of having accountability, and second, I have a tendency to be an open book (aka share too much) but I do think that some things in life (marriage, emotions, etc) should stay somewhat private. So my goal is to overhaul the blog and meet these goals with it.

In the meantime, here is what we've been up to.

Flood 2010

Visiting Trav, Reba, Zion, Norah, and Jordan in the burgh. It was awesome.

Laying Heated Tile in the Bathroom

Midnight showing of Eclipse & an Office Sleepover

Spontaneous Trip to Destin w/ Hale, Andi, Samuel, and Jamie


AbbasGirl said...

YAY you posted!

Amber said...

You're funny! And you posted before mine and AbbasGirl's 3 month cut off :)

Grandma S said...

Love the picture of all of you in Pittsburgh.