Thursday, August 28, 2008

Gowns, Suits, and Luncheon Dresses

I've reached the end of my pageant career and have almost accepted that I may never satisfactorily fit into any of the clothing...hehe. So, I'm selling it all. If any of you skinny-mini's out there that are still involved in pageants or have prom coming up would like these please let me know. I'll give you an even deaper discount if you buy all of them together. They are already heavily discounted from what I paid. On a side note: please don't judge me for what I paid for these gowns! How embarrassing. Fortunately I had sponsers that helped with the cost of them and the money I made in scholarships far outweighed the cost of these gowns. So, Travis and Shawn....I don't want to catch any flack from you!

Dorian Ho- silk gown w/ detailing. Originally a size 6 altered down to size 2 or 4. Paid $800. Price for you: $150

Vintage Designer Gown from 1960's. My wardrobe/stylist found it at a designer vintage shop in L.A. I paid $1000 for it. There are no tags indicated which designer it is since I had it altered and to be honest I forget. It is now a size 4. Retailed at $1000. Am asking $225.

Kay Unger Seafoam Green Designer suit. Gorgeous suit...would keep it if I could move in it :) It is perfect for a college entrance or pageant interview. Originally a size 2 but was altered down just a bit. Originally $600 but am asking $150. Perfect condition.

Anne Barge Wedding Gown. I wore this for a talent competition so it would work perfectly for both. The train is completely detachable (including the satin roses on back) and the dress is gorgeous by itself as well. Just needs a quick dry clean and pressing because the train drug on the floor during the 15 min competition but it isn't even noticeable and will come completely off if dry cleaned. This is a $2000 wedding gown and I'm selling it for $225.

Cache Lucheon or Casual Wear - This is a perfect little outfit for the casual wear portion of competition or for one of the luncheon's througout the week. If you purchase any of the gowns or suits above, I'll throw this one if for just an extra $25. I paid $80 at Cache for it. Size 4

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Grandma S said...

You look great even without the face. But I'm glad that it truly was the face that brought you the most attention and still does. Good luck in finding buyers!