Saturday, January 19, 2008

Game Night

The roommates: Jessica, Bethany, Erin

Jess is in town, so of course all the girls got together. Jessica is staying in "her bedroom" here at our house but we all got together this time at Brittany and Scott's house. Erin and Scott wanted to watch some game that was on and the girls wanted to play games. So, we all headed over there, cooked dinner and played Scattergories and Scrabble. I scored a controversial win with the 2 letter word "si". Being the Scrabble champion that I am, I know that the 2 letter words are important. Si is part of the melodic scale, a substitute for "ti". Its in the scrabble dictionary, look it up. The girls weren't too happy. But, we had a great time as always. Brittany is definitely the most creative speller...she provides the fun, the rest of us provide the vocab :)

Serious about Games

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