Friday, November 03, 2006


Well I'm engaged!!!! Erin asked me to marry him on October 28. I have a wonderful engagement story but I want to wait to tell it until after I get the picture from the engagement off of my post! This is my beautiful ring + a few fingerprints. A friend of mine from work offered to take a picture of my ring... I just forgot to bring in cleaner to take off the fingerprints :) But, it is still beautiful. I have never owned a ring (except for the 50 cent kind) and I am so glad this is my first. Jewelry has never been an exciting thing for me. Erin knew this and picked out this ring completely on his own. And, I love it!!! It holds so much meaning for me...this ring symbolizes the commitment we will make. It is a physical expression of the fact that Erin wants to spend the rest of his life with ME! I can barely believe it. It is also just like what i would have picked out. Erin told me he picked this one because it is simple but me...he said. I'm excited to buy his ring....I hope I find one that reminds me of him... smart, strong, handsome, and buff!!! Haha


travisandreba said...

We are so happy and excited for you! The time between now and "the day" is so awesome! I just want to keep reminding you to keep your feet firmly planted in reality and that this time should also be spent focussing on the days after "the day". Those are the hard ones. Erin, continue to woo her day after day. Make it a habbit. Again, we are so happy for you and look forward to experiencing this awesome time with you!

travisandreba said...

I have to say I am in love with your ring. It is just perfect. Wish you were going to be here for thanksgiving but I am glad that we will see you soon. I feel like it has been way to long since I saw you. Reba